Photo Album Scanning


What is a Photo Album Scanning Service? and Why Digitize Photo Albums?

We make digital pictures from the photos in your albums. Our photo album scanning service converts and transfers your traditional photo albums into digital pictures. You’ll receive high resolution digital pictures made from your albums bringing your traditional photo albums into the digital age. Your photo albums will be preserved after being digitized so you'll never worry about a fire, flood, or disaster again. You’ll be able to view your photo scans on your computer, edit them, easily create reprints of your photos, share the old photos online or through email with family and friends, and everything else you do with digital photos. Your album scans will work just like any other digital photo you’re used to working with!

Share Photo Albums Between Family Members:

One of the main benefits of digitizing your photo albums is that every family member can enjoy a copy. If you have brothers, sisters, kids living out of town, or other relatives it's easy to simply order an extra set of disks so the entire family can have a copy of the family history. If you're going through a divorce and aren't sure what to do with the photos of the kids growing up it's time to digitize your photo albums and share a copy. Sharing the entire collection is a easy when everything is digitized. The best part is that once digitized your photos will never fade or age, and can be preserved forever digitally! 

At The Fotoshoppe your albums never leave our care. They are not shipped out across the country and in many case to another country to be done. We do it all right here!

Album scans start at only $30.00 and we have many options for preserving your memories so come by or call today!