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Saturday, March 15, 2014
By Emanuel Cole
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It was great to get out and enjoy some nice weather on this past Sunday. I jumped in the car with camera in hand with no special place to go, just getting out and enjoying the day! I found myself over by the state fairgrounds, look over and see a parking lot full of seagulls!

I took this first shot of them all just standing around enjoying the warm day too I guess! I get out the car and walk through them in hopes of getting a bunch to fly and get some good low angle shots with a bunch in the air. As you see in the second shot here, got a few to move but not alot in the air. As I get back in my car with the door just open, I get a lot of interest with many flying over with interest and I think food! So I go over to the gas station and pick up a bag of .99 cents popcorn. Yes a big bag of the cheap stuff and with camera in hand I let the corn fly!



Getting low to the ground and shooting up I came up with a few images I liked! So sometimes it's about going that extra step to get a little more of what you want! 

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