Day at the aquarium
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Thursday, July 24, 2014
By Emanuel Cole
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I took a day to ride down to mytle beach and enjoyed some time at Ripley's aquarium. I really enjoy the many areas from the reef tunnel to the rainbow rock display. I had my camera and took some shots

and I also took in the many people with theirs taking shots and I wanted to share a few tips on getting better images went you visit places like this.

Your camera on full auto will get fooled! The auto setting at a distant will want to pop up the build in flash.

You can see that there is a reflection on the glass and the closer you get the more the flash would bounce back into the lens.


Full auto with out flash.

The camera will see all the light, but also sense all the dark area and want to slow the shutter speed. Here everything looks to bright and the shutter speed setting is to slow causing blurred image.


The manual solution.

By working in manual and just adjusting the shutter speed, I was able to get this! Nice thing about this is once you get to doing it some the idea of manual is not only easy but you get those memories you want!

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