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Sunday, October 02, 2016
By The Fotoshoppe
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Gather Boxes


The good news is that scanning can help rescue and revive those treasures from the days of analog. The bad news is that digitizing those old photographs yourself can be a formidable task. Scanning each photo, slide, or negative would take an untold amount of your time and energy. The Fotoshoppe now has several services to help you get your memories saved, copied and organized and save you the time of having to figure out, get the equipment and then doing it. We call them the gather box.

Here's each box and what they do.


The Gather Photo Box

Somewhere in your home, there’s a box of old photographs you probably want digital copies of. The Gather photo box is what you want to get. Purchase the size box (amount of prints to scan) fill it and bring it in. We scan each image at 300 dpi and you get your prints and digital files back. All work done in house so no worries about them bring shipped off anywhere to be done. With this service you can put in sizes from wallet 2x3 to 8x10 for this service. Have bigger or smaller sizes? We can do them all, they will be priced at our single scan pricing. 


The Gather Slide and Negative Box

The Fotoshoppe can digitize your 35mm slides or 35mm negative strips nobody does it better! Do you have piles of old photos and slides stashed away someplace gathering dust? While you may cherish your slides, do you really want to lug out the old slide projector every time you want to take a walk down memory lane? Still have a projector even? You have packs and packs of negatives and not sure if you still have prints? The Gather slide and negative is for you. This affordable digital photographic service lets you bring your 35mm slides or strips of (4) 35mm negatives (which we count as one scan) and we will scan them all to a CD!


The Gather Video Box

With the Gather Video box we will convert your home movies to DVD so you don't have to let the old movies fade away! And you can believe that in time they will fade, break or melt from age and heat causing them to degrade! The Fotoshoppe can take your VHS, Hi-8, 8mm or mini DV tapes and transfer them to DVD. We can put up to two hours of time or two tapes per DVD. What them converted to a difference format? We have those services too! Just ask!


The Gather Digital Box

So you have cards, jump drives, phones, pads and not to mention CD and DVD's full of images but have no idea what is where? The Digital Gather box is for you. Bring it all in and we get them all cataloged and a proof book made of all your images! Now you not only know what you have, you know what they look like and best of all how to get to them!

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