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Saturday, March 15, 2014
By Emanuel Cole
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This all came about from two old photographers (and even older friends) just having some fun with some lighting. My good friend Marcus Moore came down to visit family and friends, and stopped by the house and we talked like old friends of 20 plus years do catching up on life and as you can see our love for photography! It all started coming togeather as we exchanged ideas of how we were doing off camera lighting. I had just picked up a light tent, which is a little table top unit that which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare. We put a flash to either side and started putting some glass items in there to shoot! Many jewelry shots are done with a light tent and lights as it helps get rid of reflections on the items. 

For these other shots we added a light under the glass using an old slide viewing lightbox I have. Fear not! If you don't have one of these laying around, you can make one with a piece of glass (from a frame) couple of stacked books to hold it off the table and one or a couple of the led lights sold at hardware store or walmarts. With these we did not even use the light tent, we just adjusted our camera setting (manual) till we got the look we were after!

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