Photo Classes




One on One

Feel like you have a great camera system but the manual is made to put you asleep! Want to know the best setting for stuff you shoot a lot but just don’t get the images you desire? Thinking about adding an item or two but with so much out there you go nuts looking at it all! Well sign up for one of our one on one sessions where we sit down with you and go over your list of questions on the topics you want to cover! This is a full hour one on one with one of our staff giving you value information on what you want to learn! This class is custom fitted for You! 

By appointment  $99.00 for one hour one on one.

Two hours $150.00

(you can split into two one hour classes!)


Some of the One on One topics:

  • Your camera outfit ( learn our the controls and setting on your outfit)
  • Photoshoppe
  • Lightroom
  • ipad
  • iphone
  • Using your flash
  • macro photography
  • How to best organize all your photos

You tell us what you want!